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About Smart Green Shop

We founded Smart Green ltd in  2008 as an online business selling energy saving products to householders and called ourselves smartgreenshop. We started in a log cabin at home and have moved three times to increase our warehouse size and we are now based in a wonderful premises at the Menta Business Centre in Bury St Edmunds. We have grown our online presence to a point now in 2017 where we sell to Uk customers and countries around the world. We pride ourselves on providing quality, well designed, cool and innovative products.

In addition to the web site we also work hard to have a presence in our local community, attending Green Fairs and larger Trade Fairs.We are now part of the Federation of Small Businesses. In 2011 we were shortlisted for a Business Accelerator's award and we are now working with other businesses and hospitals to assist them in saving energy.We can also supply schools with fun, educational resources to demonstrate sustainable sources of energy.

The ethos of our company encompasses the idea that saving energy, not only makes ecological sense, but also actually makes sound financial sense. By making our customers aware of these benefits, we hope they will encouraged to embrace a more environmentally friendly and ethical lifestyle. Most of us want to cut our fuel bills, save money and look after the world. At smartgreenshop we will show you how to be smart (save money) and be green (leave something for the grand kids). Stocking the latest products and innovations, we will advise you on how much you could save by purchasing items from us. Whenever possible, we use recycled and reclaimed packaging.

Please telephone us at any time for advice about what product to buy or if you have a query after purchase.You will be helped by Nigel who is a true expert on our products and is experienced in advising on energy saving matter .

Nigel and Caroline Blake